Space Media Japan

Message from the President

Field of Dreams

"Field of Dreams" was a great American movie in the 1980s with the theme of bringing famous baseball players of the past together and play a wonderful game of baseball, if the protagonist would only be able to prepare the baseball ground ‒ "The Field of Dreams".
Replacing this "Baseball Field of Dreams" with the "Trade Fair / Exhibition of Your Dreams", we want to offer you a new and exciting perspective.
Showcasing one's products and services to the general public to entice them to buy said product or service, whether the booth is big or small, everyone at an exhibition/trade fair hopes and works for the same kind of business dream.

At Space Media Japan, our work is to create this "Field of Dreams", a stage for everyone to accomplish their business dreams. We strive to not only create an opportunity within Japan, but also to support our customers to succeed in their“Field of Dreams” and also seize the opportunities in foreign countries. Although the world is becoming smaller with the development of the ICT, still the function and role of an "exhibition & trade fair" of connecting people for the purpose of trading does not change.
Our entire company works as one to support everyone who allows us to join their "Field of Dreams".

Hiroyuki Sugano

President and CEO

Space Media Japan Co., Ltd.